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American Express Open On College Entrepreneurship

The college years are lean times for most students, but this shouldn’t put a damper on your ambitions to think (and be big) with your new business. From social media and networking to pitch events and even volunteering, you can market yourself and your college business on a budget by employing some of these 10 simple, no-cost strategies!

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Source/Date: American Express Open Forum – August 2012

Entrepreneur Making A Difference

Ash Kumra took his first trip to the White House last week to address the nation about his success and to encourage aspiring entrepreneurs to start their own businesses.

The Irvine-based businessman and winner of the 2010 Irvine Entrepreneurial Forum was honored by Empact 100 for the success of DesiYou Inc., chosen as one of the top companies in the nation run by entrepreneurs under 30. DesiYou curates Indian entertainment and distributes it to content providers around the world.

“I want to help create, find and nurture game changing opportunities,” Kumra said in his speech. “At the end of the day, entrepreneurs are what makes the world go round. We are the poeple that move and shake our society. I want you all to feel proud of what you also are going to do.”

Being honored at the White House was more than an award, said Kumra, 30. He left Washington, D.C. with the drive to inspire the next entrepreneur and to continue doing what he’s already doing.

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Source/Date: Orange County Register/LA Times – November 2011