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Fit Body Bootcamp CEO Bedros Keuilian Interview

We discuss his new best selling book “Man Up”. In it he shares the six pillars of leadership and peak performance that will help anyone reach their full potential in business and in life.

1) Self-Discipline
2) Effective Communication
3) Clarity of Vision
4) Decisiveness
5) Emotional Resilience
6) Building Your High Performance Team

See link below to purchase the book. If you send a receipt to Bedros will send a $2,000 course High Performance Leadership for free!

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Ash Kumra Interviews Jessica Naziri at DEW 2017

Youngry was a media partner at Digital Entertainment World 2017 and while at DEW, Ash had the opportunity to interview none other than Jessica Naziri! Jessica is the founder and CEO of TechSesh, an accomplished writer, and an expert on branding. In this interview, Jessica shares some valuable advice on the importance of branding and provides guidance on how to go about it. See the full interview here.

Digital Journal: Millennial Entrepreneurs Have a New Secret Weapon

In a recent interview with Business Innovators Magazine the company’s founder, Ash Kumra said, “I wanted to create an entrepreneur media platform to showcase the stories of our heroes and also highlight the updates that the young and hungry entrepreneurs globally are doing.”

The company mission is to unite the entrepreneurship ecosystem with a democratized platform for entrepreneurship news, original video programming, and e-commerce products to help an entrepreneur become successful.

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Forbes: Why This Founder Is Starting A Movement To Empower Young Entrepreneurs

Meet Ash Kumra, a two-time White House award winner, speaker, author, and former talk show host. After launching a handful of businesses that lacked real substance and purpose, Kumra has reversed his approach to entrepreneurship to lead with the consumer first–and it’s rewarding him more than ever.

Kumra’s journey to entrepreneurship began when he spontaneously gave a speech to his entire college fraternity for the chance to speak at a nation-wide Greek conference–and won. While the other contenders spoke for minutes on end, Kumra kept it short and sweet, with the unforgettable words, “I eat, drink, and sleep greek life,” before dropping the mic and exiting stage.

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