AvA Product Creator and Naval Technology Executive Taylor Cole Interview

AvA was created by Taylor Cole, Chief Technology Officer at the Naval Surface Warfare Center Corona Division, and his team of researchers, engineers, writers and creative experts. After struggling with
focus and attention as a child and experiencing a traumatic head injury as an adult that impacted his ability to communicate, Taylor was eventually diagnosed with an auditory processing disorder.

As a father, these incidences impacted Taylor and he realized that technology and storytelling could be the answer to so many challenges that impact the way children process information and achieve their imaginative potential. Enter AvA – an invention with the ability to change lives. Learn more about their campaign here!

Peter Belden – Founder at The Board Club | Brand Ambassador at lululemon Pending Message

The purpose of The Board Club is to bring the local community together through a passion for surfing, the ocean and the boards we love to ride. Located in the heart of the Newport Beach peninsula and walking distance to the waves, The Board Club offers unlimited use of our fully-stocked collection of high-quality surfboards. From 7’2″ single fins and old school logs to the latest high-performance shortboards, every surfer now has the ultimate quiver for all wave conditions. Membership also includes social events and activities, networking opportunities, surf coaching, surfboard design education, ocean skills and fitness training, photo and video surf sessions, and special discounts to local businesses throughout the Newport community.


“Super Angel Investor” Dave Berkus Radio Show Interview

Dave Berkus is one of the nation’s most prolific angel investors with over 190 early stage technology investments. Board member or chairman of over forty of these over the years, companies both private and public. Serves on a number of high profile non-profit boards as well. Author of fourteen books on early stage business-building, and in-demand speaker at national and international events sharing stories and wisdom related to entrepreneurs, building boards of directors, trends in technology and valuing young corporate enterprises.

Radio Show Interview: Nitin Pradhan – Scale Up Co-Founder & Managing Partner

Nitin Pradhan is an educator, technologist, and social entrepreneur. Nitin co-founded an initiative called ScaleUP USA, an innovative microlearning program focused on business and career growth acceleration. Nitin is also the Managing Partner for GOVonomy, an “Innovation as a Service” for government and government contractors. Prior Nitin was a first-term Obama administration appointee and award-winning, nationally recognized federal CIO for the US Department of Transportation. You can connect with Nitin directly here.